Increase operational efficiency and complete inspections faster
Enforce quality control with real-time validation
Reduce costs through increased speed

Today’s maintenance game has changed.
So, why are you still playing by the old rules?

Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform

With Neohelden’s Conversational AI Platform, you can intuitively adapt your digital assistant to your business and needs via drag & drop: Neo will run on your devices, understands your speech and connects you to your tools!

Discover the platform

Cloud & On-Premises

Neo can be hosted in the cloud, On-Premises and even offline.

Processes & Tools

Neo connects systems to simplify and automate processes.


Neo is a native app for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.

Paper-based processes

Do you still document inspections with checklists and complex forms?

Paper- and PDF-Checklists do not solve quality issues or increase efficiency.
→ Data quality is highly dependent on individuals
→ Steps are being missed and errors can’t be avoided
→ Data needs to be manually re-typed or copied

Do your processes still rely on the input of human experts?

Requiring the presence of specialists and experienced workers creates a bottleneck for operations.
→ Time wasted when waiting for replies of experts
→ Knowledge is hard to capture and re-create
→ Extensive training and onboarding is required

Waiting for input?

Level up your maintenance
and inspection processes with Neo

Get the right instructions via voice so that they can get the job done right!
→ Be guided through inspections and checklists
→ Validate data input on-the-spot
→ Combine voice input with images and media

Neohelden Voice Assistant

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Documentation with Neo

Complete inspections faster
and collect better data

Neo allows your employees to perform maintenance checks faster, more reliable, and digital by default.
→ Hands-free interaction
→ On-the-spot data validation
→ Real-time documentation
→ Digital data entry and processing

Guided Working with Neo

Talk to processes and forms for seamless interaction

With Neo, complex processes are reduced to simple conversations – the most natural way of interaction.
→ Guide employees naturally through processes
→ One interface to all systems
→ Voice instructions
→ Responsive and interactive

IT Integration with Neo

Create your inspection
workflows and integrate data

Build custom processes with the intuitive workflow creator and integrate into existing systems.
→ Create custom workflows
→ Integrate with legacy systems
→ Orchestrate data and IT systems
→ Host in Cloud and On-Premises

What are you waiting for?

Turn your employees into superheroes with Neo!

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With Neo, old processes from manufacturing and logistics get ready for 5G and can be controlled via voice!

– Florian Bogenschütz, CEO Wayra Deutschland

Your data stays yours:
Neo adapts to your company

Simplify processes without dumbing down your backend: Neo can be hosted in the Cloud and On-Premises, is easy-to-use for your employees, and connects to complex systems in the backend – because Neo is powered by the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform.


Our process:
Get up and running in a matter of weeks

Let’s have a call and make a plan:
Discuss your inspection and maintenance process.
Onboard Neo into your team:
We set up Neo and roll it out for your process.
Celebrate improved inspections
and expand beyond the initial process to start leveraging AI!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Neo work?

The basic functionalities are similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa – but for business. Instead of turning lights on and off or playing music, with Neo, you can query information from all your systems or start processes per speech and text. None of these tools are being replaced – it’s about giving you a central overview of all your tools and apps and address them centrally: Neo supports you in using the right tools at the right time – and makes sure that you receive all relevant information.
In the background, Neo gets his “intelligence” from the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform. With this platform, you can configure and improve Neo so that he integrates into your work environment seamlessly.

What makes Neo and the Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform different from others?

A multitude of personal assistants is available for personal use, like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. All these tech-giants see the relevance and usefulness of AI-based assistants to make our daily lives easier. These assistants haven’t arrived in the business world, (1) because sensitive data would need to be handled (on-premise solutions are often preferred) and (2) a multitude of B2B software (like SAP, Salesforce or Oracle) would need to be integrated into the assistants.

Other Conversational-AI platforms focus on (1) providing skills and chatbots for platforms like Alexa, facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, (2) have to be operated cloud-based or (3) are very technological and need to be handled by developers. With Neo, we provide (1) a native application for devices that are currently being used in businesses and industry, (2) our Conversational AI Plattform can be operated on-premises and has an easy to configure, low-code bot-building platform.

What systems can Neo be connected to?

You can access nearly all IT systems that are currently used in businesses with Neo. Some standard integrations are included with our platform or are realised during a proof-of-concept. Our focus lies in making integrations and connections as easy and flexible as possible. For that we offer SDKs in 18 programming languages so that businesses and our development and implementation partners can connect software and legacy-systems as efficiently as possible.

If you need a specific integration, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What devices can Neo be used on?

Our focus lies with platforms and devices that are currently being used in businesses: smartphones, tablets, notebooks and computers – iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. Neo can also be used in the Web to guarantee high availability and grant customers, for example, access.

Additionally, Neo can also be used on innovative platforms: Neo is used as an AI assistant on smartglasses or as a Conversational AI for Pepper the robot.

Where can I download Neo?

Good question. Neo can be bought with our “Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform”: with this platform, you can adapt and configure Neo for your business and your work so he can support you. If you want to use Neo in your business, contact us and we’ll gladly show you what Neo can do in a demo!

Who are the Neohelden?

The Neohelden are the team/organisation behind the assistant Neo. You can learn more about us here.


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“Neo is the epitome of digital assistance”

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