Digital assistant, made in Germany


About Neohelden

We set ourselves the ambitious goal to shape and rethink our daily work in the context of digitization.


Neohelden Manifesto

– Building for the future –

We strive to kaizen the symbiosis
between humans and technology.

– Why we do what we do –

We enable humans to collaborate
with technology seamlessly through digital assistants.

– What we do –

We build a digital assistant for business,
that makes working with multiple IT-systems easier.

– How we do what we do –

#1 Act like an owner

We always take on full responsibility and ownership.

#2 Work #remogile

Our work-style is agile and remote-optimized.
Flexibility, transparency and measurability are key.

#3 Love tech

We develop and share a strong understanding of tech,
both from a technical and customer-experience point of view.

#4 Say it

We communicate openly, proactively and efficiently.

#5 Praise it

We make a conscious effort to praise
achievements, give credits and show our gratefulness.

#6 Keep on kaizenin’

We ask questions, proactively provide feedback and review our
progress regularly, and measure ourselves against the best.

#7 Experiment, fail, learn, repeat

We embrace new approaches, partners and technologies,
and do our very best to discover them.