Digital assistant, made in Germany


About Neohelden GmbH

We set ourselves the ambitious goal to shape and rethink our daily work in the context of digitization.

Meet the Neohelden team

Get to know the "Helden" in our team – or better yet: Become a Neoheld yourself!

Cathrin Heumann

#ProjectManager #HR #Events #Office

Cathrin is the kind soul of the Neohelden team and our Head of People, Culture & Events.

Christin Eckerle

#BusinessDevelopment #Research #Networker #Neohelden-Hub

Christin is our Business Development Manager and connects many businesses, institutions and research facilities to the Neohelden.

Daniel Vera Gilliard

#Techie #Coder #NeoSEALs

As a full stack developer, Daniel works on improving Neo on the client as well as on the server side.

Dominic Heun

#laC #AWS

Dominic ensures, that Neo runs seamlessly for all customers and improves his abilities even further.

Jan-Eric Gaidusch

#NeoSEALs #Coder #Waldmännle #Development

Jan-Eric is a Senior Full Stack developer and responsible for IT and development.

Janis Beckmann

#Techie #Coder #NeoSEALs

Janis is an aspiring developer and the youngest of the Neohelden.

Jenny Oesterle

#Marketing #Social Media

Jenny is responsible for our marketing: she makes Neo famous.

Dr. Kiryo Abraham

#CEO #Sales #BusinessDevelopment #Networker

As CEO, Kiryo is responsible for Sales and Business Development.

Leonard Csernalabics

#Aspiring Engineer #Workflows #NLU

Leonard ensures that Neo is being used by Neohelden internally and develops new features for our AI-Assistant.

Maik Hummel

#CTO #Coder #Geek #Beeveloper

Maik is responsible for coding and developing our digital AI-assistant.

Nicolas Beni

#Finance #Investment

Nicolas is responsible for building up the finance department with the current focus on investments.

Niklas Rimmler


Niklas,  as a Conversational Designer, develops digital assistants with our platform.

Pascal Stech

#Engineer #Workflows #NeoSEALs #NLU

Pascal builds new features and develops integrations to enhance Neo's functionality.

Patrick Epple

#Growth #Processes #Organization

Patrick takes care of our processes to enable Neo and our customers to grow.

Philipp Csernalabics

#COO #Marketing #UX #Design

Philipp builds the bridge between tech, business, and users.

Samuel Csernalabics

#Linguist #R&D #BusinessDevelopment

Samuel supports research and development at Neohelden.

Sarah Manthey

#BusinessDevelopment #Research #Networker #SalesDevelopment

Sarah is our Sales & Business Development Manager and makes sure that our customers and partners can look forward to have the best Neohelden-Experience.

Sebastian Vogt

#ProjectManager #ProcessManager #Flow #NLU

Sebastian implements workflows and is responsible for speech models.

Neohelden: Startups in Karlsruhe

Our office in Germany's AI-center

Karlsruhe is located in the South-West of Germany and truly a hidden gem when it comes to startup spots: The press calls Karlsruhe „Southwest-Germany's Silicon Valley“ or „Brain Valley“. With Neohelden, we're surrounded by a great ecosystem and thus declared Karlsruhe our HQ: Our office is currently located in the "Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe, Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7, 76131 Karlsruhe!


Our founders' manifesto

Young and ambitious companies are built by great and aligned teams. The life of a startup can be challenging, which is why it was vital to us, to build on solid grounds. Thus, we invested time and effort to build, sharpen, and align our mission, vision, and values, that define our team's work – and wrote them down in a "Manifesto". Obviously, this is not cast in stone and needs regular reviews and updates – until now, however, it worked out great.

Neohelden Manifesto

– Building for the future –

We strive to kaizen the symbiosis
between humans and technology.

– Why we do what we do –

We enable humans to collaborate
with technology seamlessly through digital assistants.

– What we do –

We build a digital assistant for business,
that makes working with multiple IT-systems easier.

– How we do what we do –

#1 Act like an owner

We always take on full responsibility and ownership.

#2 Work #remogile

Our work-style is agile and remote-optimized.
Flexibility, transparency and measurability are key.

#3 Love tech

We develop and share a strong understanding of tech,
both from a technical and customer-experience point of view.

#4 Say it

We communicate openly, proactively and efficiently.

#5 Praise it

We make a conscious effort to praise
achievements, give credits and show our gratefulness.

#6 Keep on kaizenin’

We ask questions, proactively provide feedback and review our
progress regularly, and measure ourselves against the best.

#7 Experiment, fail, learn, repeat

We embrace new approaches, partners and technologies,
and do our very best to discover them.