Join us in our long-term mission

People spend way too much time organising their day-to-day job: They sort their inbox, play some email-ping-pong to schedule meetings, manually enter data into complex spreadsheets and have to cope with an army of software-tools.

Let's change the way we work!


Work at Neohelden

Dive into the German startup-scene: Whilst our daily work is very dynamic in nature (as you'd expect a startup-job to look and feel like), we do have a long-term goal – our guiding north-star if you will – in mind.
If you want to utilise your skills to make other people's work easier, we've got a match!

Keep Trying

We trust you to take on responsibility and offer you plenty of room to "do your thing". You'll receive support and guidance wherever needed – however, we believe that it's mission-critical to embrace "trial-and-errors".

Keep Learning

Developing yourself is just as important as getting your job done. Use the methods and mediums that suit you: Whether that's books, courses or conferences: You'll have an annual budget to realise your personal-development-goals.

Keep Innovating

Your ideas and insights are needed and highly appreciated: Share feedback and ideas with the team – may the best idea win. We believe in achieving our goals as a team, not as individuals!

Keep Going

Innovation happens, where unique insights are combined. And insights can only be gained by connecting different experiences, backgrounds and skills. That's why we value and embrace diversity. Please, bring your whole self to work!

We're hiring: Open positions at Neohelden

We're looking for support in IT (frontend- and backend-development), data science (machine learning and NLU), UX-design and in sales. Above all, however, we're looking for incredible people ready to join us in shaping the future of work!

IT & Development

Whether front- or backend; scripting vs. deep-tech: Utilise our infrastructure to develop and scale smart systems!

Full Stack Developer (m/f)

Data Science

You love teaching machines how to learn? Help us in making Neo more intelligent!

Data Scientist (m/f)
Machine Learning Specialist (m/f)

User Experience

Being smart is not enough for Neo, he needs a high EQ! If you enjoy breaking down complex issues, look no more!

UX Designer (m/f)


You're convincing by competence and merit? Attract new customers for Neo.

Key Account Manager (m/f)

Did not see your role? Be bold and blow us away!

If our current openings do not match your skillset, but you're in love with our approach and Neo: Shoot us an email, attach your CV and explain, how you plan to take Neo to the next level. We'll happily discuss your ideas and contribution-potential and invite you for a coffee (or a virtual one, if you fancy that)!

Be brave and apply now!

Internships and Bachelor- & Master-Theses with a startup:
Become a Neoheld!

We'll get our coffee ourselves. And Neo is already doing our assistant-tasks. However, we do have tons of interesting and exciting challenges and we love working with creative and motivated minds! Get some hands-on-experience and responsibility for your real-life-project with an internship or thesis at Neohelden!


Put theory into practice? Better yet: into code? Work directly with our CTO and get your hands on some of the latest technologies!

Software Engineering Intern (m/f)

Data Science

You eat data for breakfast? Join us in applied artificial intelligence!

Data Science Intern (m/f)


Always ahead of the curve and a passion for creative writing? Get out of the classroom and into the startup-world!

Marketing Intern (m/f)

Student work placement

Still in high school or recently graduated? All you need is a good portion of motivation and eagerness to learn something new, and we'll make sure you gain experience of working in a startup!

Student intern (m/f)

Our application-process is easy and transparent

As soon as you send in your CV, we'll discuss your profile in the next team-meeting. After that, Neo'll send you an invitation for an in-person meeting (or call) – and that's it: We'll have a chat about your plans, ideas and experiences in order to identify a role for you at Neohelden!

Questions? Answers!

Here are some of the most recent questions we received. If you're still in doubt, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Still not sure, if Neohelden is a fit for yourself?

That's no problem at all and we do appreciate your honesty. If there are certain things you're not quite sure about, we'd like to invite you for a coffee (or a drink of your choice) at our office to get to know us a little better.

Where is your office?

We're located in the south of Germany (Stuttgart and Karlsruhe) at Wizemann.Space in Stuttgart. It is, however, possible to work remotely.

Who is the team behind Neo?

Neo is backed by a team of three experienced entrepreneurs, developers and consultants. We're Maik (CTO), Kiryo (CEO) and Philipp (CXO) – and we're looking forward to working with you!

I’m a recruiter and I’d like to send you some CVs

Thanks, but no thanks. We do not accept solicitations by recruiters, headhunters and/or outsourcing companies. If however you do send us an email, we'll reply with a direct link to our faqs and would kindly ask you to stop emailing us. Thanks in advance.