Integrating your software with Neo


Neet Neo, your digital AI-assistant for business

To make your AI-assistant Neo work for you, you can connect him with your software and tools: From Adobe to Outlook and SAP to Zoho!
Using our flexible integrational framework and workflow engine, you can integrate countless enterprise-software and tools with Neo. Doing so, Neo is able to assist you with your tasks and daily workflows.

Integrating your software with Neo

Here's an exemplary list of software and tools, that integrate well with Neo for common use-cases.

Microsoft® Exchange

“Hey Neo, what's up today?”

“Neo, show me my emails from last week!”

“Neo, which emails await my reply today?”


“Hey Neo, what's on my list today?”

“Neo, show me any information on Jonathan O'Brian!”

“Neo, who is Patricia Schuster?”


“Hey Neo, what's my current budget?”

“Neo, show me my sales report!”

“Neo, what's the current inventry?”

G Suite®

“Hey Neo, what's up today?”

“Neo, open my meeting notes!”

“Neo, show me today's emails.”


“Hey Neo, view my candidate-pipeline!”

“Neo, what's the average salary of managers in Brazil?”

“Neo, what's the current headcount?”

In Neo integrierte Softwaresysteme

One assistant to rule them all

Neo, your AI-assistant, communicates with your tools and software – no matter, if you're using your mobile, tablet or computer.

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