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Digital AI-assistant and Neohelden's backend-platforms

With Neo, we not only have developed a digital assistant for business, but also powerful backend systems and tools that allow you to implement an individualized AI-assistant for your customers.

Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform:
Digital AI-assistant for your clients

Powered by our integrational framework, you're able to connect various Enterprise systems and tools to Neo. Our Drag&Drop workflow engine allows you to easily create conversations and build UI-elements, and our Natural Language Understanding platform enables you to create, customize and train speech models.

3 building blocks for Enterprise Application Integration 4.0

With Neo as AI-assistant, interaction with software is not only simple and intuitive for end users: Implementing custom bots and assistants is a lot more efficient – and trust us, we Germans do love efficiency – thanks to our integrational framework and Drag&Drop interfaces.

#1 Neo as Desktop, Mobile, Pepper-Robot and Smartglass application

Wit our client application for Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux), Pepper-Robot and Smartglass users are able to interact with Neo to access and query their IT-systems.

#2 Train custom language models with our UI

Creating and editing intents is a breeze with our Natural Language Understanding platform and requires absolutely no coding skills.

#3 Flow Engine and Integrational Framework

Our Neo Flow Engine allows you to build custom workflows using a Drag&Drop UI. You're able to integrate third-party systems in 18 programming languages for maximum efficiency (SDKs available).

AI-assistant for your clients and projects

With Neo, you're equipped with a modular platform that comes with existing integrations and use-cases. You are able to add functionality and custom integrations.

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Neo IT-Consulting: Platform for building AI-assistants for business

Particularly in the Enterprise context, IT products must be able to be adapted to the company's unique requirements: One often encounters a heterogeneous system landscape; in some cases, self-developed systems are in use, and legacy-systems must also be taken into account. Thus, a project quickly becomes an incomprehensibly complex task for both, the developer and the end user. We know these problems from our day-to-day work - and have created a toolset for us that addresses these very aspects: Our Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform allows implementation of individual AI-assistants with custom system integrations to third-party systems in complex deployment scenarios.

Toolset for individual B2B AI-assistants

Our Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform is based on three fundamental pillars: (1) an easily configurable, flexible and highly innovative user interface (the "bot" for end users), (2) a Natural Language Understanding platform, and a (3) workflow engine with a Drag&Drop interface allowing integrations in 18 programming languages in order to integrate existing IT systems. On the one hand, this toolset greatly simplifies processes for end users and makes them accessible via a platform on all end devices via voice and text; on the other hand, the integration-effort is reduced to the essentials in the best possible way. In addition, Drag&Drop configurations allow fast prototyping cycles and early involvement of end users for maximum acceptance.

Chatbots and digital assistants for enterprise

Chatbots and digital assistants have been part of everyday life through their ubiquity at home and on our mobile devices: From Amazon Alexa to Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Facebook messenger chatbots and telegram bots. In the enterprise context, however, data protection is a critical aspect. Hence, building on top of well-known B2C platforms is not feasible when it comes to data sovereignty.

Gartner Hype Cycle: Digital workplace (2017)

A custom bot-client across platforms with Neo

Therefore, we have decided to create our own application that meets the needs of the enterprise environment: Our Neo application can be installed on all systems. Mobile devices and tablets are supported on iOS and Android, desktop devices and Notebooks with Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. No additional hardware is required, and no data is flowing through third-party channels. Nevertheless, we build on top of existing industry standards and can integrate flexible and standardized visual formats, such as Microsoft Adaptive Cards, into the bot. Thus, we combine security and data-control with high flexibility and standardization.

Configure Natural Language Understanding algorithms via a simple user interface

When it comes to chatbots and voice or text-based agents, the language model is essential for meaningful and productive uses of the bot. With our Neo Conversation Engine, so-called "intents" (i.e. commands) can be mapped via example Utterances (possible statements of the users) in a language model – that is not keyword-based, but contextually translates the users' input into their actual intentions. Training and maintenance of the language models can take place via a user interface for which no programming knowledge is necessary. As an alternative to custom language models, which can be trained and used on-premises, Natural Language Understanding modules of renowned cloud providers such as AWS or Google can be connected. However, this does not allow on-premise operation but could increase the number of languages supported.

Natural Language Understanding via voice and text

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech with AI-assistants

Interaction with our AI assistant Neo started out being text-based but is now also accessible via voice. We think of voice as an additional layer, where voice-input is transcribed to text, mostly using cloud providers (e.g. Bing Speech API), and then interpreted into the actual intent via the Neo Conversation Engine and the underlying speech model. Replies from our AI-assistant come in form of both visual content and voice explanation, to further enrich information.

Integrating with Enterprise Systems

Especially in B2B, chatbots and virtual agents are less tasked with querying FAQ systems, but often involve handling entire processes – for example, room bookings, scheduling, budget inquiries or travel expense reportings. Often, these processes are highly individualized and may involve a variety of third-party systems for sub-aspects of the process. Using the Neo Flow Engine and our integrational Framework, third-party systems can be connected in 18 programming languages. This minimizes implementational efforts, since existing libraries and frameworks can be used, or at least reduces the effort to a feasible scope so that no new skills in unknown programming languages and development environments are required.

Neo Flow Engine: Drag&Drop Workflow Platform

Getting users involved early on is a high priority in Enterprise software projects – which essentially are Change Management projects. Hence, for quick prototyping, workflows can be modeled via a Drag&Drop interface. Entire processes and conversations can be modeled in real time and tested directly with end-users to allow maximum acceptance and usability. This enables an efficient mapping of business logic – without implementation effort. As soon as a workflow has been tested and found to be useful by end users, the implementation can optionally be transformed in a high-performance, lean programming language, such as Go by Google, whereby the business logic can be adopted from the flow engine.

Key Features of Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform for digital AI-based assistants

  • Customizable client-application for 5 platforms (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Pepper-Robot and Smartglass)
    • Interaction via voice and text
    • Supports Microsoft Adaptive Cards
    • Tablet/Mobile: iOS and Android
    • Desktop: Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Neo Conversation Engine: User interface for training and creating speech models
    • Creating and updating intents and utterances via UI
    • Speech model training via "one-click-action"
    • Testing within UI to optimize and tweak model
    • Real-time swapping of speech-model in production
  • Neo Flow Engine: Drag&Drop Workflow Builder
    • Build conversations and workflows using a building block system
    • Flexible integration with third-party systems through existing building blocks
    • Add custom functions and building blocks
    • Drag&Drop Editor for rapid prototyping
    • SDKs for 18 programming languages to integrate additional systems
  • Neo Data Storage [Coming soon]
  • Neo Intelligence Engine [Coming soon]

AI-assistant for your clients and projects

With Neo, you're equipped with a modular platform that comes with existing integrations and use-cases. You are able to add functionality and custom integrations.

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