AI-assistant Neo on the smartglasses

Hands-free work thanks to industrial smartglasses with voice control and a digital AI assistant to support processes, documentation and data queries.

Hey Neo, show me the current blueprint for H1.  Hey Neo, start inspection.  Hey Neo, what does bug 42A mean?

AI-assistant for enterprise on smart glasses

Digital Assistant supports employees on assembly and construction sites

With Neo on the smartglasses, all processes and plans can be called up by voice – no matter when and where. The combination of our software solution and industrial-grade data glasses, such as the Realwear HMT-1, ensures ideal, digital support for employees on construction sites, production facilities and machinery. With bi-directional integration, data and information from relevant systems and documents can be retrieved at any time and enriched with new information and content.

Hey Neo, note a 5.24 mm gap.  Hey Neo, call the installer.  Hey Neo, when is the delivery coming?

Addressing enterprise systems via smartglasses

With the AI-assistant Neo on the smartglasses, systems, data and information can be called up and queried via voice commands. Thus, new deployment scenarios are possible in which IT systems can also be made accessible on smartglasses via Neo in order to simplify maintenance processes, inspections and tests.

Conversational AI Platform for enterprise assistants on smart glasses

Fields of application for smartglasses in the industry with the AI-assistant Neo

Thanks to the flexible integration platform, a multitude of systems can be connected and addressed via the digital assistant Neo. Thus, information can be requested on the smartglasses via voice command and output by voice output and visual support on the so-called "head-mounted tablet" of the smartglasses. The combination of smartglasses and the Business Assistant Neo makes a multitude of new fields of application possible:

Maintenance processes and instructions with Neo

Employees can be guided through processes and manuals efficiently to perform complex maintenance. The audio-visual support guides the employee and allows them to ask questions about every step of the process, to access videos or pictures in order to carry out the maintenance correctly.

Inspections and tests on the smartglasses

Test reports and inspections can also be guided and carried out efficiently with Neo. The digital assistant can guide the inspector through the individual test points and obtain the necessary information from them. The inspector or employee, in turn, can log the results by voice input and has the option of taking pictures and videos via the integrated camera. Once the inspection has been successfully completed, Neo generates a report and saves the entries in the appropriate systems, so that the inspector - after correcting the report - has direct documentation ready for dispatch.

Query information and plans

The integration platform can also retrieve information and documents, such as plans and sketches, and display them directly on the smartglasses. It is also possible to query a consignment status or track a delivery via the smartglasses with Neo, so that conventional "phoning around" can be bypassed in order to guarantee efficient on-site procedures.

In Neo integrierte Softwaresysteme

AI-assistant Neo on smartglasses

With Neo you can talk to your tools and software on the smartglasses.

Use Neo on the smartglasse

Using data glasses in the industry: Neo makes it possible

The Neohelden's comprehensive enterprise platform makes it possible to use data glasses in a professional environment with ideal software support. If you also want to support the employees in your company ideally, we're looking forward to your inquiry!