Pepper powered by AI-assistant Neo

Pepper, the Robot – powered by Neo

Pepper is a 1.20m tall humanoid robot conjuring smiles on visitors' faces at trade fairs and events. Softbank's robot is currently deployed in entertainment- and service-contexts – but Pepper can do so much more:

With Neohelden's Conversational Platform, Pepper can assist employees and visitors.


Pepper-Robot becomes an AI-Assistant for business

Our digital AI-assistant Neo supports employees in their daily work with software and tools – thus far via an application for smartphones, tablets, PCs and smartglasses. Now, however, Neo runs on the interactive Pepper-Robot: You can talk to Pepper, and access Neo's integrational framework and AI-platform in the backend.

Conversational Platform for Pepper – with Neo

Pepper-Robot comes with a broad set of features: It is equipped with face-detection, some fancy dance-moves and sentiment analysis. However, if you were to connect Pepper to your APIs and software-tools, it gets a bit tricky. This is where our Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform comes into play: Using our integrational framework and intuitive Drag&Drop conversation builder, you can model complex use-cases and interactions, which can then be used by talking to Pepper.

Hey Pepper, what is Softbank's current stock price? Hey Pepper, tell me some news! Hey Pepper, what's my budget?

Connect your Enterprise systems with Pepper

To access enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce through a digital assistant, you'll firstly have to identify and define use-cases that add value for users. For these specific use-cases, you'll then create and train a language model, so that the assistant is able to understand your requests and queries. By extracting the user's intent from natural language queries, our algorithms "translate" them into technical actions, which can then trigger workflows and conversations.

Easy customization of the language model and workflows

Our Neo Enterprise Assistant Platform allows for easy configuration and customization of Pepper's future functionalities. You can create and train language models using an intuitive user interface and extract intents and entities from user queries. These intents can then be processed using a Drag&Drop conversation builder to integrate relevant third-party systems and enrich the answers, which are eventually presented by Pepper to the user.

Example: Requesting stock prices with Pepper, powered by Neo

If you were to ask Pepper about current stock prices, you'll start by training the language model by adding sample utterances to this request. This is done by adding variations of questions and sentences users are likely to ask in our Neo Conversation Engine:

  • Show me Softbank's stock price
  • What's the stock price of Apple?
  • How's Tesla's stock performing?
  • Show me NASDAQ's stock quote

This stock-quote-“intent” will then be processed within the Neo Flow Engine: We're integrating a trading API to request current stock prices, in order to generate a response to the user's query: “The stock currently trades is at $151”.

Pepper Robot visits Neohelden office

Using Pepper in enterprise and business: Powered by Neo

Using our existing Enterprise-platform, Pepper gets ready for the business world – beyond trade fairs and event stages! If you wish to employ an intelligent and smart Robo-employee in your company, we're happy to demo our platform and are awaiting your request!